True Secrets of Freemasonry

Those who become Freemasons only for the sake of finding out the secret of the order, run a very great risk of growing old under the trowel without ever realizing their purpose. Yet there is a secret, but it is so inviolable that it has never been confided or whispered to anyone. Those who stop at the outward crust of things imagine that the secret consists in words, in signs, or that the main point of it is to be found only in reaching the highest degree. This is a mistaken view: the man who guesses the secret of Freemasonry, and to know it you must guess it, reaches that point only through long attendance in the lodges, through deep thinking, comparison, and deduction.

He would not trust that secret to his best friend in Freemasonry, because he is aware that if his friend has not found it out, he could not make any use of it after it had been whispered in his ear. No, he keeps his peace, and the secret remains a secret.

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, Memoirs, Volume 2a, Paris, p. 33

Thursday, March 20, 2008

To Aid and Assist

Of late, on the internet, there has been much discussion regarding the operation of various Grand Lodges. Arguments have been put forth, accusations and demands have been made for aid and assistance. This article is designed to address some of those issues.

Arguments have been put forth by members of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, Grand Lodge of Florida, Grand Lodge of West Virginia, the Grand Lodge of Alabama, the Grand Lodge of Arkansas, and the Grand Lodge of Ohio, that the Grand Masters in those jurisdictions are “out of control”, “corrupt”, “racist” and in short, not acting in the best interests of freemasonry.

To be clear at the start, it is not the intent of this author to take a stand one way or the other on the rightness, or wrongness, or the actions of those Grand Lodges or Grand Masters, nor to cast aspersions upon any of my brothers living under those jurisdictions. The author will endeavor, at all times, to keep within Masonic bounds, and offers apologies in advance for any offense his words might create.

There is a situation in many southern lodges that men of color are not welcome, or accepted as brothers. This primarily seems to be black men, though it is my understanding it extends to men of the Jewish faith, as well as any man not of the Christian faith as well.

This is seen, by many, as being in opposition to one of the primary tenets of freemasonry, to wit: Brotherly Love, whereby we are all taught to regard the whole human race as one family, the high and the low, the rich and the poor, who, as created by one almighty parent, and inhabitants of the same planet, are to aid, protect and assist each other. Separation by race or religion does not seem to be found anywhere in Masonic teachings, or in the landmarks, such as they are.

This is mentioned, not to bring up the race issue, as if it ever goes away, and certainly not to enter into a discussion of the merits, and pitfalls, of the extension of recognition by Regular Masonry to lodges charted by the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodges of America. The problem is, it seems that the Grand Lodges, in the jurisdictions that do not allow men of color or of the non-Christian faith to join, are pushing back pretty hard against the younger men who have joined the lodges without being trained as racists.

This “push back” takes a number of forms. As examples of this we offer:
  • Most Worshipful Frank J. Hass, PGM West Virginia 2008. As of this writing, he is not a Mason. He was summarily ejected from the fraternity by his successor, Most Worshipful Charlie Montgomery, after MW Haas questioned the reversal of a vote at the 2008 Grand Communication by MW Montgomery (this apparently in violation of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia).
  • Wr. Tim Bryce, PM, Grand Lodge of Florida. Wr. Tim is a very active Mason. As of 2005 had a number of Masonic sites dedicated to Masonic Education, and an almost weekly series of articles offered for the benefit of Masonry. In early 2005, the Grand Master of Florida sent Wr. Tim a letter, telling him to shut down all his websites. He was also told to have no more to do with these types of sites without permission of the Grand Master, or he would face charges for disobeying the edicts of the Grand Master.
  • Jeff Peace, formerly of Sandy Springs Lodge, was summarily expelled from Freemasonry in 2003 without the benefit of a trial. No matter the cause, every mason is at the very least entitled to a trial, with a jury of his peers, to face his accuser, and to present facts in support of his innocence.
Recently, brothers have symbolically raised their hands in a certain gesture, asking for aid and assistance against the “corruption” and “depredations” of their Grand Master. These brothers have demanded that all Masons, withersoever dispersed DO SOMETHING to aid and assist them. Some brothers under the Grand Lodge of Georgia have ASKED that the rest of freemasonry enjoin our grand lodges to withdraw recognition until that Grand Lodge decides to recognize the legitimacy and regularity of Prince Hall masonry, at the least.

In the past, this author has, on many forums including this one, advocated just that course of action. Over time, however, careful consideration and contemplation has revealed that my grand lodge is correct in not taking this course of action, no matter how reprehensible and unmasonic racism is and what a blemish its very existence is in any lodge: here and here.

It has been argued that the brethren of the various grand lodge named above, and others, simply cannot effect change. A brother recently posted on the Burning Taper:
Now, fully aware that the threat could not be wished away or allayed by the intervention of the other animals on the farm, the mouse collected as many twigs as he could carry and stored them inside of the house. Every night, when the farmer and his wife retired, the mouse, taking responsibility for a problem that only he could change, used the twigs to trip the mousetrap.

So, take responsibility for the dangers in your home, for more often than not, only you have the ability to alleviate them.
Amazing insight. Moreover, as is often the case, these very same brethren, screaming for brothers outside their grand lodge to save them from the “corrupt” and “mean” old grand lodge, are the ones that scream that the grand lodge is “interfering” in the sovereignty of their lodge. They do not see that they are ASKING other grand lodges to twist the arm of their grand lodge, in a manner they would never tolerate by their own grand lodge toward their lodge.

What is unacceptable on the local can NEVER be acceptable on the global, and of course the converse applies. This is a fundamental test of ethics. Its time for the brothers to stand up and be counted, because realistically, there really isn’t much Masons from other jurisdictions CAN do.

We could write letters to our grand lodges, and to the affected Grand Lodges, but if the Grand Lodge of West Virginia would expel a past grand master for objecting, what attention will they pay to a non member mason?

We wish you well in your endeavor to fix your grand lodge, and support you morally. For myself, I will be writing a letter to my grand lodge about the actions in West Virginia, and a letter to the Grand Master and Grand Secretary of West Virginia. I can do that legally in California, because its personal and not official lodge or Grand Lodge business.

Before you write, be sure of the rules in your jurisdiction… and remember the example of these grand lodges. Be vigilant of your grand lodge, participate. It is, after all YOUR Grand Lodge.
May the blessing of heaven rest upon us and all regular masons. May brotherly love prevail, and every moral and social virtue, cement us!

In Case you want to write to the Grand Master of West Virginia:

Most Worship Charlie L. Montgomery
C/O Grand Lodge of West Virginia, AF&AM
107 Hale Street
P. O. Box 2346
Charleston, WV 25328-2346
(304) 342-3543


Anonymous said...

Brother Dunn,

I was given word by a Brother that Brother Haas still has membership in a regular lodge in another jurisdiction. I cannot confirm this but, it is what I've been told.

Anonymous said...

Once again, a fine article with much food for thought. As there is not enough space to comment on everything offered, let me address only a couple of points: first, you are correct in advocating change from within the GL's which seem troubled - when external pressures are used to force change, the usual by-product is resentment and foot-draggingly slow acceptance of that change; only change made by the Brothers in the affected GL's will be real and productive for their jurisdictions. (I've been trying to make this point on various fora for over a year, but your post says it more reasonably than I can manage.)Institutions change as the culture they are part of changes...Southern GL's are, like most others, bringing in younger men who did not grow up with notions of "color" or "gender" as barriers to association. I know it's hard to accept the counsel of "wait a time with patience" (most of us are prey to the desire for instant gratification), but that's really the only thing that we can do. Work toward the change, but know that it may not occur on our schedule...don't sit idly by - those of us in the South - if we want change to occur, but don't alienate our older Brothers who have labored as best they knew how....get active in GL, find those who will work with us, and help awareness mature into real change. There will be those who say that this is an idealistic vision, but I would counter that it is more realistic than to think that criticism and foot-stomping from the blogger-pundits can ever produce much more than continual arguments. Reason and goodwill can accomplish more than threats and negative words.

As always, I enjoyed the article....

Anonymous said...

My second point for response is, admittedly, pure curiosity...since when has Alabama's GM been accused of being "corrupt", etc? And by whom? There is certainly no widespread dissatisfaction among the Brothers here in my home state (and I would probably hear of it, as I sit in Lodge with one PGM and two current Committee members serving this year's GL); perhaps the reference is to a certain disgruntled gentleman who demitted some years back? If so, I would think that his accusations can be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Just MHO, though...he has every right to his opinion and feelings, as a person, if not as a Brother.

AMFM said...

"Arguments have been put forth by members of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, Grand Lodge of Florida, Grand Lodge of West Virginia, the Grand Lodge of Alabama, the Grand Lodge of Arkansas, and the Grand Lodge of Ohio, that the Grand Masters in those jurisdictions are “out of control”, “corrupt”, “racist” and in short, not acting in the best interests of freemasonry."

I think from Brother Dunn's statement he means the above GL's could be considered one of the several points he listed. Not outting one GL or another individually but as a series of accusations of the mentions bodies collectively.

I think all GL's MS or not must find a way to let each other be and realize there is two seperate organizations appearing now. I don't think either one is or will try to run the other. The Brotherhood must survive and it must co-exist or it will be destroyed.

Ashley Nicole said...

To the Freemason in W. Virginia that was kicked out. You don't know how lucky you are. It's amazing how an organization with millions of members that have no clue of what is really going on. Your 33's on up are worshipers of Lucifer, pagan believers, Eugenics, child molesters, Nazi's, homosexuals, and believers in ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I hold nothing against you guys that are down the ladder. All of you are being duped for your time, money and spiritual energy. Of course they don't want black people. They only take them when they have to for it will further their agenda. These people hate the true God and Jesus Christ. The only problem I have with you guys that are not at the very top is your blind and a little on the stupid side. Why do grown men need to joining a goofy club with all their childish symbols and handshakes? Grow up, get a life,spend time with your family. Just stay away form the evils of Freemasonry.

The Hyena said...

Hey Ron,

You're a dunce.

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Mark said...

Freemasonry has a philosophy of "Making Good Men Better" and is very proud of this.  Only individuals therefore who are believed to be of good character would be considered for membership, It is best if you join a Lodge in your local community or where you already have some friends who are members. If you know anyone who is a Mason then just ask him about it as any Mason will be happy to talk to you about becoming a member of the Fraternity he is proud of.  If you do not know of anyone who can help you join then feel free to send an e-mail to our  Lodge Secretary  who will be happy to give you information about the locality of Lodges in your area, or how to become a member of The Celtic Lodge.  Contact Brother Roland Mark PM Lodge Email:

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